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As ViewProtect we only manufacture & supply products of the highest quality.

Prices subject to change without prior notice due to material and transport costs changing on a regular basis.

Should you require a different design, we will quote accordingly.

All prices listed below exclude VAT and courier fees.

Prices are negotiable for bulk orders.

Intubation Boxes

All current box sizes are 500mm x 500mm x 500mm

Polycarbonate 3mm - Flat Pack                   - R 1000.50

Polycarbonate 3mm - Standard Box           - R 1207.50


Resist 65 3mm             - Flat Pack                   - R 977.50

Resist 65 3mm             - Standard Box           - R 1150.00


Polycarbonate 6mm     - Flat Pack                 - R 1552.50

Polycarbonate 6mm     - Standard Box         - R 1840.00

Standard Box

Flat Pack Box

Screen Guards

Poly 3mm - 600w x 900h                     R673.36

Poly 3mm - 500w x 500h                     R330.83

Poly 3mm - 500w x 330h                      R259.73


Poly 6mm - 600w x 900h                     R1015.88

Poly 6mm - 500w x 500h                     R445.00

Poly 6mm - 500w x 330h                     R354.88


Prices exclude VAT and delivery costs

Screen (600w x 900h) & (500 x500) includes base

Screen (500w x 330h) excludes framework

Face Shields

Tough Polymer headband frame,

One size fits all, weighs 38g,

The lens can be clipped off and disposed of and replaced with a new lens.

Headband and lenses can be supplied separately.

 R25 - R30 each (Depended on stock availability and manufacturer)

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