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Purpose of our Foundation

The purpose of COVID 19 Aid is to assist those forgotten while combating the COVID-19 VIRUS.
The Blind, the Deaf, are usually left out, or forgotten in crisis situations, we are here for them. Doctors, Nurses, Police Officers, and Field Workers are exposed to this deadly virus by doing their duty for our Country, for US the people of South Africa. We would like to invite everyone who can afford to help financially by donating to our fund. ViewProtect Aid will use these funds to Supply these Front Line Warriors as well as the the Blind and Deaf with effective, clear solutions that makes a life or death difference.


Who is ViewProtect

ViewProtect is a Proudly South African, cutting edge company. 
We supply innovative solutions to the safety and security industry both locally and Internationally.  Many of our patented products are World Firsts.

COVID-19 Pandemic has forced all of us into our own boats and set us out to sail in unchartered waters.

We believe that South Africa is stronger together. Through collaboration with other business’s, we realised the importance of leading from the front.  We knew we needed to provide South Africa with hope.  We have committed to assisting the underfunded departments within Government with HIGH IMPACT, EFFECTIVE PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us into uncharted waters without knowing what the outcome will be. In these uncertain times, our frontline workers are bravely facing the onslaught of this invisible enemy by helping and supporting their patients as they battle this insidious disease.
As they perform their duties these frontline workers continuously exposing themselves to the danger of infection. The lack of appropriate protective gear for our frontline workers could have catastrophic consequences. Not only will they place themselves in danger but also their families when they are off duty and resting.


For these reasons, ViewProtect has decided to act in a supporting role to help in the development, manufacture, and distribution of critically necessary transparent products such as face shields, intubation boxes and other essentials that can protect our frontline workers.




For as little as a R50 contribution you enable us to supply a Face Shield.


A bank account, that is managed by Moore Management Services, has been opened for the purpose to help our frontline workers.  


The following options are available:

Companies – Sponsorships can be paid into the bank account;

Individuals -  any amount can be paid into the bank account or simply scan with Zapper.


Please send us your needs if your institution requires any transparent face shields, screens or intubation box to fight the COVID-19 virus.


We will require the following from you:

  • A formal list of all the transparent products your organisation requires on your institution letterhead and stamp.

  • The document must have your institutions registration name and number.

  • Contact person name and ID number who placed the order.

  • Delivery address as well as contact person’s name and cell number who will sign for delivered goods.

No order will be excepted or delivered without this documentation.



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